What we need

You don’t need to be a go player: you should be familiar with the basic concepts of the game, you should know what a goban is. That’s all: we will instruct you and explain what are your tasks. No previous organizing experience is required, even though it is much appreciated if present.

In general, you should be available to switch your role as needed. Examples of typical exchangeable roles to be covered are preparing the tournament room before each game round, standing in key places ready to provide information, sitting at the reception desk to give directions and help with registration and office tasks, helping with random tasks around the place. Those who have the capabilities can also help with some of the more specialized roles, such as helping with referee tasks, babysitting, attend to professional players needs.

What’s the cost of volunteering

You will not be able to participate in some or many tournaments. We plan two volunteering rounds: morning and afternoon.

The morning round. It starts at 9:00 and ends at 15:00. The tasks are more or less the same each day, so you can more easily plan your day, but it prevents you from participating in the main tournament, but you can participate in all other tournaments.

The afternoon round starts at 13:00-15.00 and may last till midnight. The tasks are different each day, some days you may finish early and in another day it may last till midnight. At 13:00 we will need those who will accompany the excursions, for all other events the volunteering will start at 15:00. The exact schedule can be discussed and agreed upon with the organizers. You will be able to participate in the main tournament.

What we give in exchange

We will provide free transfer by shuttle bus from Kyiv or Lviv to Kamyanets-Podilskyi. We will provide free accommodation: a hostel or an apartment. We will provide a free meal. Also, as a bonus for top volunteers, we will provide river rafting on a river Seym from August 17th to 23rd.


Please register, if you want to volunteer. Be sure to leave a message in the notes field, stating your desired level of involvement, your date of arrival and leaving, and any other relevant information, such as which languages you speak, whether you have problems with weightlifting, if you are eligible for specialized tasks like babysitting, assisting professional players, taking kifus of top-level games and any other useful work that comes to mind.

In general, we favor people available to take on a wide range of tasks, arriving on Thursday, July 23rd or sooner and leaving on Sunday, August 9th or later, but we will consider any offer and get back to you by the end of April or earlier.


Volunteers List