Bakota is a must-visit place of Western Ukraine that will impress you with beautiful landscapes and a special atmosphere. This place with a centuries-old history is famous for many reasons. Bakota translated from the ancient language means desirable, beautiful place. It is located on the banks of the Dniester – the territory of the National Park “Podolski Tovtry”. Bakota – the ancient capital of Rus Dolny – so-called in the XIII-XIV centuries the territory between the Dniester and Southern Bug.

One of the most important sites in Bakota is an ancient cave monastery, situated on the high hill over the Dniester River. According to archaeological excavations, it was founded approx. in the XI century but was partially destroyed in the XIII century, when Mongols invaded Kievan Rus’. There is a legend that monks and village people hid in the caves from the invaders, who closed the entrance with stones and buried them alive.

Not all the caves survived until our days. However, you may still see the monastery on a steep slope and find springs with holly water that has healing properties.