Pochaiv Monastery (Pochaivska lavra). (Photo: Pochaiv Monastery.) The largest monastery in Volhynia, and the second-largest men’s monastery in Ukraine, after the Kyivan Cave Monastery. Initially called the Pochaiv Dormition Monastery, it was founded, according to some accounts, by monks who fled from the Kyivan Cave Monastery at the time of the Tatar invasion of 1240. The first written mention of it dates to 1527. In 1597, the noblewoman A. Hoiska donated a large estate to the monastery, as well as a miracle-working icon that had been brought to Volhynia by a Greek metropolitan in 1559. The cloister flourished during the tenure of Hegumen Saint Yov Zalizo in the early 17th century. In 1649 F. and Ya. Domashevsky funded the construction of the monastery’s Holy Trinity Church. In 1675 the monastery was attacked by Turks and Tatars but was reputedly saved by an apparition of the Mother of God; this event has been immortalized in many songs, including ‘Oi ziishla zoria vecherovaia’ (Oh the Evening Star Appeared). In 1713 the monastery officially joined the Uniate church and became a center of the Basilian monastic order, which developed it into an important cultural and publishing center and founded the Pochaiv Monastery Press in 1730. In 1771–83, the Holy Trinity Church was demolished and replaced by the Dormition Cathedral, funded by M. Potocki.

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