Verteba cave is located (“verteba” for ancient Slavs is a “cave”) not far from the village of Bilche Zolote of Borshchiv district of Ternopil region. The cave was discovered by a local landowner Adam Pototskyi back in 1823, while hunting. Just at the entrance, he found an incredible number of ceramic products that were wrongly listed as the items of the Roman culture. In fact, it was a discovery of Trypillya civilization, yet unknown at the time, which for 30 years outpaced its official recognition in 1850 in the village of Tripoli, near Kyiv.  Mr. Pototskyi all his life worked on the cave study, organized the exhibition in his own palace, and after his death, all findings were transferred to the ownership of Krakow Historical Museum, where they are kept now.

Cave-museum is a remarkable experience. From the first minutes, the visitors get into the world of the civilization that vanished over 5000 years ago.