The tournament is open to mixed-sex pairs, with a limited average rank of about 5.5 amateur dan per player. For each player, his/her actual EGD-rating is used for “calculating” the strength of the pair by building the EGD rating sum. The EGD rating sum cannot exceed 5150! All players (amateurs and professionals), not registered in the EGD (European Go Database), will get an appropriate start rating.

Tournament system

All pairs will be ordered by their EGD-rating sum. Starting from the top each of the 16 pairs plays in a separate tournament-group (A, B, C, D, ..) up to 6 games. The weakest group might have not had exactly 16 pairs. Each pair will play 3 games on Thursday in the preliminary rounds. The top 8 pairs of each tournament-group will play 3 final rounds on Friday in a single knockout.


Japanese pair-go rules, all games even (6.5 komi), except in the lowest group where a handicap is possible…

Fischer time, 30 minutes basic time, 7 seconds per additional move. No nigiri, colors will be decided by the pairing-system.

Attention: because of the tie-break rules a pair is not automatically qualified for the final rounds on Friday after winning the first two games on Thursday. Likewise, a pair that lost rounds one and two on Thursday might still qualify for the final rounds on Friday. Each pair should play round 3 on Thursday evening!